Dexter: New Blood queen of Showtime: it is the most watched series ever on the network

Dexter: New Blood has surpassed Homeland and has established itself as the most followed Showtime series of all time!

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Despite the splatter-rich contents, Dexter: New Blood she surpassed Homeland and established herself as the queen of Showtime. The new revival season with Michael C. Hall, in fact, is the most watched series of all time on the US television network!

With an average of 8 million viewers per episode across platforms, Dexter: New Blood has established itself as the most watched series of all time for Showtime. The series with Michael C. Hall also set a second record: its final episode, in fact, surpassed that recorded by the third season finale of Homeland and, with its 3 million viewers registered on Sundays alone, it was the most always seen for a Showtime product. Furthermore, another 2 million users have chosen to view the show in streaming and through other platforms.

Gary Levine, President of the Entertainment Section at Showtime Networks, said: “We are thrilled that all of these fans have been following Dexter: New Blood these past 10 weeks. Whether they loved the ending or couldn’t stand to see the show finish, we really appreciate their passion. Our deepest ones. thanks to Michael, Clyde Phillips, and Scott Reynolds and Marcos Siega for giving a deeply powerful conclusion to our beloved and extraordinary series “.

Dexter: New Blood, la reunion tra Jennifer Carpenter e Michael C. Hall

With such ratings, could showrunner Clyde Phillips propose a sequel to Showtime? Here is the answer the man gave to Collider: “Well, actually, the decision is up to Showtime. And speaking of calls, if they called me and said ‘Look, this is a great asset to Showtime’, I’d think about it. I think Dexter is their number one asset. If they call me. and if they say they want to move on, I’d leave everything to do it. The show has been a huge success for them this season. And by the end of the month, the numbers will hit even higher numbers. I think that could be instrumental in Showtime’s decision. eventually, I’d drop anything to get back on Dexter! “.

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