Dexter: New Blood, other seasons after the finale? "There may be new stories"

The showrunner of the miniseries Dexter: New Blood, does not rule out the possibility of further seasons after the finale that aired tonight: here’s how it could go forward.

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Clyde Phillips, the showrunner of the miniseries Dexter: New Blood, does not exclude the possibility of further seasons, as he explained in an interview granted to Deadline and published immediately after the addition of the finale to the full season on the Showtime app (the linear airing took place last night, while in Italy the episode was broadcast on Sky Atlantic on January 12).
Warning, spoilers follow

Dexter: New Blood: Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown in a scene from the third episode

In the last episode of the series – which we talked about in the review of the finale of Dexter: New Blood, the charismatic serial killer and vigilante passes away, executed by his son Harrison after killing an innocent person to escape from prison. We don’t see the exact moment he expires, but Clyde Phillips confirms: “Three words: Dexter is dead.“As explained by the showrunner, that ending was already part of the preliminary discussions with Michael C. Hall when the two met in the summer of 2019 to talk about the miniseries, after Showtime gave the green light for negotiations.

Dexter New Blood 1X06 Michael C Hall 3

Dexter: New Blood: Michael C. Hall in the sixth episode

And it’s not a conclusion that surprises those who know Phillips’ work: he was Dexter’s showrunner for the first four seasons, and after the airing of the original finale, in which he had not participated, he revealed that in his vision for the series was expected to witness the execution of the protagonist on death row, with the revelation that the narrator was he who retraced his life just before being executed, with the ghosts of his victims watching it all.

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Dexter New Blood 1X09 Michael C Hall Jack Alcott

Dexter: New Blood, Michael C. Hall and Jack Alcott in a scene from the ninth episode

In case Showtime is interested in continuing, Phillips claims he has ideas related to Harrison, who has been shown to have at least partially inherited the dark side of his parent. The showrunner explains: “With Harrison there is a different perspective on vigilantism, which was surprising to Dexter. Harrison brings a youthful and optimistic innocence, he thinks he and his father are like Batman and Robin. Every time they kill someone they save lives, because that person will never commit murder again. Dexter never thought in those terms. He only killed bad guys because it was part of his code.

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