Dexter New Blood: is a season 2 planned?

Serial killer Dexter has returned to the small skylight with “New Blood”. Is a sequel possible after the finale? Clyde Phillips, the showrunner, gives his opinion on the matter. Attention, the article contains SPOILERS, it is strongly advised to have seen the end of the series.

Dexter : the killer still has some under the hood

Back in 2013. The series Dexter ends after a season 9 and fans are rumbling. There was widespread disappointment and the majority agree that Dexter was a mess. There were reasons to believe it, during the first bursts of episodes. The story of Dexter Morgan, the officiating Miami cop and also a serial killer, was truly thrilling, as well as ripe for exploring some strong dramatic / thematic knots.

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At the end of 2020, Showtime entices early fans by announcing that a new season will see the light of day. This one aims to try to bring a more satisfying conclusion to the adventures of Dexter. This program, titled New Blood, presents the anti-hero in his new life.

Ten years after the events we know, he found refuge in the small town of Iron Lake. A place where he can hide his real identity. Nevertheless, his impulses are not long in resurfacing and the killer can not help but spill again. This return was attractive on paper since it was done with Clyde Phillips, showrunner of the first seasons of Dexter.

Dexter : New Blood ©Showtime

Should we hope for a sequel to New Blood ?

The end of New Blood was broadcast in France and was a real thunderclap. As he tried to flee with his son, Dexter was killed by the latter, after he realized he was responsible for the murder of his coach. A conclusion that seems radical enough for no sequel to see the light of day.

However, we know enough about the industry to know that it should never say never and that a spin-off or a spin-off project can emerge. Precisely, Clyde Phillips was interviewed by TV Line on this subject and he argues that nothing is planned for the time being. The ball is in the court of Showtime, who might want to take an interest in son Harrison. An eventuality which is not without seducing the showrunner:

If they called me up and said, ‘We want to do a Harrison series’ and I’m pretty busy, I would drop whatever I do and jump right into it. I would love to do it, but it really depends on Showtime.

Precisely, the network must consider its possibilities carefully. New Blood to me an average of 8 million viewers in the United States. This result allows the series to be the most viewed in Showtime history.

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