Dexter: Can we hope for a season 10? (SPOILER)


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The killer has made his return with Dexter: New Blood, for a 9th season which is coming to an end. Melty reveals if our favorite serial killer could return in a tenth season. Warning SPOILER!

More than 8 years after the original series ended, a bitter taste lingered in the mouths of fans. It must be said that the last episode of Dexter had largely disappointed the community. By losing its unpredictable and above all irreverent side, the series seemed to have betrayed itself. The 9th season, Dexter : New Blood is aimed at a wider audience than that of the first hour. It is also a helping hand to all lovers of the serial killer. This miniseries was a perfect occasion for a mea culpa. What to heal the wounds and rewrite what, for many, had been botched in the previous season.

We had so hoped for the return of our favorite serial killer. – Credit (s): Showtime

With the return of Clyde Phillips at the helm, this renaissance set the tone. It was he who, during the first four seasons of the original series, had helped make Dexter so disturbing and endearing at the same time. So we had the right to expect a lot. And the result is there. Also with the return of some iconic characters, Dexter : New Blood, strikes with surgical precision. Deborah, the killer’s sister, is on screen! A good conscience for the killer, but still with a very … direct vocabulary! Phillips recognizes that this new season was a unique chance to do better.

A bloody legacy finally worthy of Dexter!

Michael C. Hall admits that he immediately agreed to reprise the role. He also knew that Dexter had to die. It was clear to Phillips and Hall. A logical end for the one born in blood. This is what, for a return to the screen must have surprised more than one after just one season! But is the end really one? Clyde Phillips assures us that the Miami killer is dead. His heritage is alive and well. The arrival of Harrison, Dexter’s son, makes this season’s title very meaningful. Phillips does not deny that he may be able to dig into this character in the future. The black passenger has probably not finished doing his work. It is not the final patricide who will contradict us! So let’s hope that the blood continues to flow, we can not wait!

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