Dewas News: Wheels of Janani Express stopped… Troubled pregnant women had to go home by buses

Janan Express strike from Wednesday night, pregnant women had to take help of private vehicles

Devas. In the district, the pregnant women had to face problems due to the stopping of the wheels of Janani Express. Janani Express of the district stopped from 12 o’clock on Wednesday night. Due to this, the pregnant women had to go home by private vehicles and buses. Along with increasing the rate per kilometer, the ambulance went on strike from Wednesday over the old payment and other demands.

Told in Hariom of Satwas area that wife Seema was admitted to the district hospital a few days ago for delivery. The wife got discharged on Thursday morning. Calling for an ambulance, but the phone is not ringing. Waiting for the ambulance. We were not aware of the strike. Hiring a private vehicle will cost more. Therefore, you will go to Satwas by bus. The poor benefit from having an ambulance. On the other hand, Janani Express operator Shahrab Patel told that our three vehicles are attached as Janani Express in the district hospital. At present we are paid Rs 10 per kilometer. which are less. Petrol and diesel prices are increasing continuously. Along with the salary of the driver, the maintenance and other expenses of the vehicle also have to be met. We have been driving the car at a loss for a few months. The rate should be increased on the basis of per kilometer, because vehicles move far away. Maintenance also costs more. The company should pay attention to our demands. As the office bearers of the organization will take the decision of Bhopal, further planning will be done accordingly.

About 8 to 10 maternities leave every day.

In the district hospital, the patients from all over the district are admitted. With the help of Janani Express from the district, the pregnant women are brought to the district hospital. Even after discharge from the hospital, ambulances have the facility to drop the pregnant women home, but due to the closure of the ambulance, the pregnant women have to pay rent for private vehicles. Many poor families do not have the condition to bear the rent of private vehicles.

I don’t know about the strike. I will inform after taking information from the concerned.

-Doctor. MP Sharma, CMHO

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