Dewas News: Quality of milk tested from 6 am, 12 out of 60 samples are non-standard

* Milk was tested through mobile lab for three days

* In the primary investigation, a recorded milk was found to be non-standard, advice given to improve the quality

Devas. The team of Food and Drugs Department tested the quality of milk through mobile lab. 60 samples were taken in three days. In this, 12 samples were found to be non-standard in the primary investigation. On this the team of milkmen gave advice. Along with this, letters will also be issued to them to improve the quality.

According to the information, the team of Food and Drugs Department took to the streets on Saturday morning to check the quality of milk. He had a mobile lab with him. Through this, the quality of milk was tested on the spot. The team was on the city streets only at 6 in the morning. Milk samples were taken by stopping the milkmen coming to the city with milk from the village. Milk was tested in the mobile lab on the spot. The team first checked the milk sample by stopping the drivers on Medki Road. After this, the team had reached Ujjain Road and Gajra Gears intersection and other places to investigate. The team has taken surveillance samples from milk vendors as well as dairies and hotels. The mobile lab has been roaming in the city as well as in the rural areas for three days. 60 samples were taken these three days. In which 12 samples were found to be non-standard in the primary investigation. It will take time for the detailed investigation report to come. Based on the preliminary investigation, the team advised the milkmen to improve the quality. In addition, further information letters will also be sent to them. Responsible said that such action and investigation will be done in future also.

60 samples have been taken in three days. Testing was done through mobile lab. In which 12 samples have been found non-standard in the primary investigation. The milkmen were given advice. Such checks are done every month. There will be further investigation.

Surendra Thakur, Inspector, Food and Drugs Department

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