Dewas News: Dissolve the sins in your life: Pushpdant Sagar

Sonkach. The word festival has two and a half syllables. If it is interpreted, then ‘P’ will mean sins, ‘Ra’ will mean from the blood and ‘V’ will mean immersion, that means the festival of Paryushan has come between you. It is asking you to immerse all the sins in your life. By doing this the pollution within you will end and the soul will be infused with the eternal fragrance of Paryushana.

Ganacharya Pushpadanta Sagar Maharaj, the leader of Pushpagiri pilgrimage, said this to the devotees on the occasion of the opening of the Paryushan festival. In this sequence, Muni Saurabh Sagar Maharaj, who is performing Chaturmas on the pilgrimage, said that the festival of Paryushan is of utmost importance in Jainism. This festival provides its separate role in awakening religious, spiritual and cultural new consciousness. In these days, a religious sanskar is awakened in the mind of every householder who is called a naturally born Jain. Just as grass sprouts easily on the earth during the rainy season, similarly, in the month of Bhadau, a feeling of sacrifice, penance, darshan, worship, bhajan etc. It is a natural process of awakening of mental consciousness. This Bhadau month itself is the month of fasting, festival.

Spokesperson Romil Jain said that there will be a unique atmosphere of devotion to the Lord on this festival, which will last for 10 days. The Mahavir Chhote Jain Temple of the city and the Lord Adinath Bade Jain Temple situated on the banks of the Kalisindh River, were composed of ten signs with the colors of the attractive Rangoli. Every day from 6 o’clock in the morning, after Shreeji’s Kalashabhishek, Shantidhara, Jinendra Dev will be duly worshiped by the people of the society. In the afternoon, there will be a discussion of religion on Tatvavartha Sutra Shastra by women.

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