Detective Pikachu 2: finally good news for the film

Finally some good news for Pokemon fans. The Detective Pikachu movie sequel returns. Legendary Entertainment has just confirmed the start of construction of a sequel, which will therefore be directed by director Jonathan Krisel.

Detective Pikachu : Who Framed Roger Rabbit? modern

In 2019, filmmaker Rob Letterman, to whom we owe gang of sharks (2004) and Goosebumps – The Movie (2015), offers the very first live action adaptation of the universe pokemon with pokemon Detective Pikachu. Worn by Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton, the feature film also featured Ryan Reynolds as the famous Pikachu. Without having encountered dithyrambic press reviews, Pokemon Detective Pikachu had some box office success with over $449 million revenue worldwide (for a budget of 150 million).

Detective Pikachu © Warner Bros.

A sequel is finally in the works.

After four years of waiting, Legendary Pictures has finally formalized the sequel to Detective Pikachu. Chris Galletta will write the screenplay for this new opus, whose the realization will be entrusted to Jonathan Krisel. Best known for his work on the small screen, Jonathan Krisel goes, with Detective Pikachu 2realize his first feature film.

Jonathan Krisel has notably worked as a screenwriter and as a director on the series Portlandia (2011), Sneakers (2016) with Zach Galifianakis or even Moon base 8 (2020). On the casting side, for the moment, we do not yet know who will be present to stack up in this sequel. The presence of Ryan Reynolds remains uncertain, although some sources such as Deadline believe that the actor could take over the dubbing of the famous electric Pokémon.

Pokemon has still aroused enormous appeal among young audiences today, and has done so for more than 25 years. With over 440 million video games sold in the world, tens of billions of Pokémon cards, and an animated series broadcast during 25 seasons in 177 countrieswe can say that the license Pokemon is a safe bet that is not about to die out. And even if on the cinema side, the saga is still a little timid, the announcement of this sequel could allow Pokemon to gain ground in the world of the 7th art.

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