Detail in photo points out new affair of Isis Valverde. Check out!

Single since the end of her marriage with André Resende, Isis Valverde is enjoying her vacation in Greece (the same place where Alok and Romana spent some rest days recently). In the place, the actress met João Guilherme, son of Faustão, and her girlfriend, Schynaider Moura, and came out in some records alongside the couple.

However, a detail of the photo next to João Guilherme caught the attention of the followers: in the image, Isis appears holding hands with Álan Faria Bissoli and that was enough for the man to be named as the actress’s new affair. On Schynaider’s Instagram, Isis and Álan appear sitting side by side in a restaurant.

In mid-March, Gabriel Medina was named as Isis Valverde’s affair. At the time, the surfer would even have spent a weekend at the actress’ house.

+ Isis Valverde is barred from a restaurant in the USA. Understand!

Who is Isis Valverde’s new affair?


Álan Faria is heir to the Bauminas mining group and 18 other companies. He is also a good friend of João Guilherme and appears in different records, mainly of travels, alongside Faustão’s son.

Despite having 122 thousand followers on Instagram, Álan keeps his profile closed only to people he authorizes to follow him.

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