Despite the recent fall in gas prices, Europe must continue to save energy, says the CEO of Engie

This was stated by Catherine MacGregor, the CEO of the French energy group Engie at an economic forum organized in Singapore by the financial news agency Bloomberg.

“We’re in a better situation, but that doesn’t mean we can relax,” she added. It expects volatility in energy prices to continue.

Gas prices in Europe have recently come down from record highs in August, thanks in part to mild October weather. The gas storage facilities are also almost full. However, Europe is still facing a sharp drop in gas supplies from Russia and a cold winter could see demand rise sharply, which could lead to a rapid emptying of storage facilities, the French group’s boss has warned. .

For Catherine MacGregor, Europe will continue to need gas for some time, despite efforts to become less dependent on this energy source. “Gas will always remain very important in the energy mix in the future, in particular because many heavy industries use this fuel”, pointed out the leader.

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