Despite the marital crisis: Mike makes Melli Müller a declaration of love

Mike Blümer gives honest insights into his marriage. The music producer has been married to Melanie Müller (33) since 2014. The couple have two children together, who were born in 2017 and 2019. But in the end there seemed to be a strong crisis between the couple. Made in the network Mike However, a sweet declaration of love for his Melli and also responded to some worried messages from his fans.

On his Instagram-Account, the manager now explained that he was currently in the Caribbean to relax a little and to have the consequences of his spinal disease treated. But even though he is far from home, he is in contact with his wife and offspring every day. “Of course I miss Melli, our two children and our home very much”, assured the 54-year-old. He actually intended to return home soon, but his wife advised him to stay a little longer in order to be able to relax as well as possible.

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The pop singer also said “that the small distance from each other after all these stressful years is good for us, our small family and thus for our marriage”. After all, the couple clearly know what they have in one another. “I love my wife and my children. No matter what has happened in the last few years, months and weeks, and even if I have to relax at the moment, I am fighting for my marriage and our small family”, assured Mike finally.

Melanie Müller with her husband Mike Blümer

Instagram / melanie.mueller_offiziell

Melanie Müller with her husband Mike Blümer
Melanie Müller with husband Mike and their children in “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, 2020
Melanie Müller with her husband Mike

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