Despite previous booster vaccination: Sophia Thiel has Corona "caught really hard"

Despite previous booster vaccination
Sophia Thiel caught Corona “really hard”

The well-known fitness influencer actually wanted to go on vacation, but a corona infection throws her a spanner in the works. Although she has already received a third vaccination, she now reports of a “really persistent” illness with severe symptoms.

In the past few days, fitness influencer Sophia Thiel has been pretty quiet on Instagram. The 26-year-old has now also revealed the reason for her around 1.3 million followers: She was infected with the corona virus – despite the triple vaccination.

The sports enthusiast and her boyfriend Raphael had to break off their vacation last Wednesday “and I am now at home with Corona,” she explains in her Instagram stories. Even though she had already received a booster vaccination, she “got it really hard”. Her symptoms therefore include “sore throat, cough, body aches – the full package”.

On Wednesday and Thursday it was particularly bad, but today she feels “only slightly better”. Her illness is “really persistent”, she commented on her current state of health. Thiel was sometimes so hoarse that she could “not speak properly”. She is currently in quarantine.

Both a quick test and a PCR test on her friend were still negative today, but he also slowly had symptoms. Thiel explains further: “I have become a bit reckless with vaccinations and boosters.” She thought that nothing could happen to her. That’s why she appeals to her fans: “Disinfect your hands, wear your mask, take care of yourself.”

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