Despite losing to Johnny Depp: “Aquaman 2” could even expand Amber Heard’s DC role

Rather than being cut entirely, Amber Heard’s appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has reportedly doubled.

The sensational trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is over. The result: Heard was found guilty by the competent court in Fairfax County, Virginia. She now has to pay her ex-husband $10.35 million, but receives $2 million from Depp because his lawyer is said to have harmed her with a smear campaign. In a statement, Heard himself described the defeat in the defamation trial as a “setback for women.”

The outcome of the mud fight should be in the interests of Johnny Depp fans. In a petition, they asked Warner Bros. to remove Heard as Mera entirely from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. With currently more than 4.5 million signatures, the launched petition extremely remarkable.

Still, she won’t have any bearing on the upcoming DC movie. Filming on director James Wan’s spectacle has already ended, and depending on the relevance of the story, removing Heard entirely from the film should be virtually impossible. She couldn’t even be replaced. In contrast to James Rhodes in “Iron Man”, who was first played by Terrence Howard before he was replaced by Don Cheadle from “Iron Man 2”, Heard’s role as Mera was too important and too big Role in Aquaman. Replacing her would call into question the film’s credibility.

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Especially since Walter Hamada, president of Warner’s DC division, already told the court as a witness that those responsible wanted to belittle Mera’s screen presence in the next “Aquaman” film from the start. He cited a lack of chemistry between Heard and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa as the reason. The already smaller role is said to have been shrunk to a measly ten minutes in the end.

A recent report after a test screening should be all the more surprising, according to which the presence of Amber Heard’s Mera in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is said to have increased:

“Just received confirmation that Amber Heard was in the recent test screening of ‘Aquaman 2’ from start to finish. Warner Bros. will likely want to test the audience now that the process is over. It should be seen between 20 to 25 minutes.”

So that would mean her presence in Aquaman 2 has doubled from ten minutes to around 20 minutes. An interesting development for Hamada’s statement that her role was cut short due to a lack of chemistry with Momoa. In addition to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, DC fans can look forward to many more films. We show you which ones in the video.

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What is the reason for Amber Heard’s bigger role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

With this change, does Warner Bros. want to alienate the many Johnny Depp fans who have called on the studio to kick Amber Heard out of Aquaman 2? Not at all. According to the reports, the makers are said to have shortened Heard’s role to just under ten minutes. Conversely, this means that this – even if it is already short – must have originally been a little longer. So it’s quite possible that this test screening with around 20 minutes of Mera is an older cut and the makers want to see if this cut works better.

In general, it’s not uncommon for studios to test different cuts in order to release the best-rated version by the test audience. So if it turns out that the version of “Aquaman 2” works better, in which Mera can be seen longer, it will certainly be in cinemas from the March 16, 2023 come.

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