Despite “Eternals” ending: is this Marvel star returning to the MCU?

“Eternals” has recently become available on Disney +. But will we soon see the eponymous characters in a new Marvel film? A first hint seems to confirm this.

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With “Eternals” fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) were introduced to a whole bunch of new superheroes. The action blockbuster directed by Oscar winner Chloé Zhao may not have received the best reviews, but a reunion with some characters is not unlikely. A fan even wants to have found a hint of an imminent comeback from one of the Eternals.

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Because a few days ago the TikTok user emmytriggerzzz according to The Cosmic Circus published a social media post about her brother Joe Kennard. In it, she describes that her brother, who served as a stunt double for Richard Madden in “Eternals”, is currently working as a stunt performer for an actor whose character is soon to return to the MCU.

Except for “Eternals” Kennard has not worked on any other Marvel film on the stunts, so it seems reasonable to assume that Richard Madden as Ikaris might reappear in the MCU earlier than expected. In addition, Kennard recently worked with Madden on the mini-series “Citadel”, where the two may have discussed the possible return of Ikaris. In our interview, you can find out what we exchanged with Richard Madden and his co-stars:

Marvel’s ETERNALS: Does Superman Exist in the MCU?

– Warning: spoilers for “Eternals” will follow! –

That happened at the end of “Eternals” with Ikaris

In “Eternals” Richard Madden embodies one of the eponymous superheroes named Ikaris. The hero created by the Celestials has the skills of superhuman strength, speed, endurance and reflexes. Thanks to cosmic energy manipulation, he can – similar to Superman – shoot energy beams from his eyes. He can also fly and is immortal, which is important for the end of “Eternals” and Ikaris’ potential return.

Because at the end of “Eternals” Ikaris flies to the sun, presumably to put an end to his existence. However, we never saw what actually happened to him in the course of this action. According to his skills, he may have survived the suicidal endeavor and thus reappear in the future of the MCU. But before we see one of the Eternals again, with “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”, “The Marvels” and “Secret Invasion” further stories from the – in the truest sense of the word – Marvel cosmos await us.

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The MCU now has a few heroes to record. Test yourselves in our quiz:

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