Desperate pharmacist asks social media for help deciphering illegible prescription

Doctors, among other things, are known to possess a typeface that only a few privileged mortals have the ability to read and interpret. However, in Spain, a pharmacist had a very bad time when they gave him a prescription and, despite all efforts, he was not able to understand the doctor’s instructions. its history was shared in Twitter becoming a topic that gave much to talk about in this red social.

July, the protagonist of this story, confessed that, no matter how hard he tried, he could not interpret what the doctor prescribed for one of his clients. Prey to despair, the Spanish turned to the aforementioned virtual platform for help which, for practical purposes, would be that of a translator of this style of writing.

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“Don’t you find such illegible recipes disrespectful? PD: What do you think it is? “, expressed in this way his indignation, but also hoping someone in your audience can give you a hand.

Publication where the illegible prescription is exposed. (Photo: Julio / Twitter)

Users seek to interpret illegible prescription

Then we see the photo of the prescription that the man took. But, when this publication went viral and reached a large number of people, most, if not all of the comments, apparently, did not find the solution to this enigma.

Some users asked Julio if there was any other way to find out what medicine the doctor prescribed, to which he replied: “With the report we find out”, but in another answer it details: “I asked him directly if he had the report on any platform, did he bring another prescription and that one was better read. The date on the recipe looked like (hieroglyph) Egyptian. I do not put it because it looks collegiate and name. That yes half understood well “.

Some comments from users after publication.  (Photo: Julio / Twitter)
Some comments from users after publication. (Photo: Julio / Twitter)

What to do with an illegible prescription?

In fact, these types of cases are not uncommon, so, to avoid confusion, give a drug or a dose that does not correspond, the pharmacist should not sell any product to the patient until the prescription is 100 percent understandable.

In fact, interpreting the doctor’s handwriting is something that is not recommended to do. In some countries, the alternative to this is go to digital records of medical entities to verify the report, within which the prescription drugs should appear, among other information.

Julio reveals that there are other methods to find out the content of a recipe.  (Photo: Julio / Twitter)
Julio reveals that there are other methods to find out the content of a recipe. (Photo: Julio / Twitter)

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