Desperate Daniel Riolo? Not that much

The Ligue 1 season is resuming its rights, and the European Cups have even already started with the preliminary rounds. Something to inspire a little dream in Daniel Riolo.

AS Monaco drew at home to PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League qualifiers. A duel that will be important, since with the loss of ground of Portugal and the exclusion of Russia, the Netherlands represent a real threat for the 5th place of France in the UEFA ranking. To raise the bar, it will obviously be necessary to count on PSG, but also on interesting courses of other French clubs in the European Cup. A huge weakness in recent years, as it is rare to see French clubs reach the last four, or even the final. Disappointing results, especially since no one responds as soon as the level rises. This has long despaired Daniel Riolo, for whom French football in the European Cup is no better than this 5th place.

Hope is there for Daniel Riolo

But with the new season starting, the RMC consultant shows his desire to believe in it once again, with French clubs sending game and results to Europe. He confided it when presenting this new season with a short message on Twitter. ” Lots of teams that we want to see… the 4 descents… So thrilling with always this black point in the European Cup .. so we’re still going to hope like every year. It doesn’t cost us much after all… “, philosophized Daniel Riolo, who would like France not to remain eternally the fifth wheel of the coach in Europe. But for the moment, England, Spain, Germany and Italy are in another dimension, with more than 10 points ahead at least in the UEFA index.

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