Desiree Nick: "My son no longer sends me pictures of himself"

It is more than rare when Désirée Nick shows her 25-year-old son Oscar, who comes from a long-term relationship with Heinrich Prinz von Hannover, or even speaks about him – and now it is clear why.

In her podcast “Lose Luder”, Désirée Nick, 65, asks her celebrity guests the most intimate questions about her private life, but the entertainer herself is very reluctant to provide information about her own family.

Désirée Nick: Proud of son Oscar

While La Nick proudly took her son Oscar to events as a child and willingly let himself be photographed with him, something like this would be unthinkable today. Oscar, who studied in Scotland, trained as an officer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and is now a British citizen, shies away from the spotlight and wants to be kept out of the public eye.

A wish to his extroverted mother, which Désirée Nick is now explaining to reality TV colleague in “Lose Luder”. “He doesn’t want it. He’s not sending me any more pictures himself. There were wonderful situations in which I was injured … injured is said too much, am a little offended. I mean, graduation. I don’t get a picture of big things or big successes. “

No more private photos for La Nick

Nick and her son are said to have a wonderful relationship and make regular phone calls, but in her podcast the 65-year-old went a step further and revealed with a slightly piqued undertone about her son’s private life: “Now he has a new girlfriend. I’m speculating ‘It will be something solid. Do you think I’ll see a picture there? Then he says to me:’ I’m not sending you anything, you will post it then. ‘ Well, I don’t get any pictures of my son at all. “

But one also has to say: There is something to the “allegations” of your son. A few times Désirée Nick couldn’t seem to hold back her mother’s pride and not only posted baby pictures of Oscar, but also photos of him in adulthood.

The fans were enthusiastic, son Oscar apparently less, which is why he now took drastic consequences for himself and his mother.

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