Desi Radeva is 20 years younger! The first lady made a modern therapy (PHOTOS)

The first lady Desislava Radeva shone at the concert for the Bulgarian Christmas not only with a new hairstyle, but also with the face of a 30-year-old, which, however, was not disfigured by Botox, but smoothed with new modern substances that do not tighten wrinkles.

After removing Kovid and nearly losing her life to an aneurysm in April, the head of state’s wife abruptly stopped appearing in front of journalists and citizens. She briefly stood by Radev on the night of his victory in the presidential election as he celebrated with a dance Vesela Lecheva.

Her meeting with the performers of the “Bulgarian Christmas” was the first public manifestation of the 52-year-old Radeva after the re-election of the head of state. She did not appear before the president and time of the crown pandemic.

Certainly the new face of Radeva is due to the upcoming ceremony for the beginning of a second term for her husband, which should take place around January 20. It is expected to be modest and without excessive ostentation, not only because of the Chinese contagion, but also because of the raging inflation, which is seriously worrying the government and the president. Since there is no one to accept the post, Radev wanted his inauguration for the second time to be maximally selected in terms of media hype and ceremonialism, writes “Years have passed”.

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