Deschamps and Zidane, Le Graët ruined everything

The Le Graët affair made a collateral victim, namely Didier Deschamps, even if the latter still signed an extension as coach of the Blues until 2026. But the coach of the France team did not just friends.

As Le Parisien announces, it is this Monday in a Parisian restaurant that the France 98 association, which brings together the 98 world champions, but also the winners of Euro 2000 and the players selected for the 2002 World Cup, is organizing their annual meal. A very friendly meeting, but which several glorious veterans will miss since they are taking part in a charity match in Monaco at the same time. Among the excused absentees, Didier Deschamps who is therefore retained in the Principality for a good cause. What to avoid that the evening menu is added to the soup with a grimace. Because if the quarrel between the coach of the France team and Christophe Dugarry is known to all and is not new, the recent remarks of Noël Le Graët on Zinedine Zidane have a little tense the atmosphere within France 98.

Deschamps annoys within France 98

Obviously the words of the former president of the French Football Federation have nothing to do with Didier Deschamps. ” Zidane do what he wants, I don’t give a shit “, had notably launched Noël Le Graët by evoking the extension of the contract of DD with the team of France. But some 98 world champions believe that Deschamps’ reaction did not live up to the affront made by NLG to Zizou. ” This story was very badly experienced by France 98 for two reasons. And we talked about it on our WhatsApp group. First, it reawakened our feeling that our generation has been despised by Le Graët for a long time. He hates us. But it is above all the treatment reserved for Zizou. We would have preferred Didier to react more strongly (…) In fact, the group positioned itself for Zizou and not against Didier. Of course, he could not attack his boss head-on, we are all aware of that. But he was a little late, in our opinion, before expressing himself. But it’s not something that will taint the immense respect we have for Didier “, confided a member of France 98 to the Ile-de-France daily.

To come back to this famous WhatsApp France 98 group, where there is no trace of the coach of the France team either, the controversy is gently defused. “ DD is not there, because he was not among us when we created him. I don’t have to interpret. He remains our valued and respected captain. More generally, whatever we hear, we are still a family. Sometimes there are occasional tuggings “, said the same player. This tug of war is mainly between Didier Deschamps and Christophe Dugarry that it turned into a tenacious and impossible to resolve grudge. Following the words of Noël Le Graët, Christophe Dugarry had come out of his hinges, and he had hit hard, and even a little too much, since some felt that Duga was playing the little soldiers of Zinedine Zidane, of whom he has always been very close. Enough to give substance to the words of Didier Deschamps on his former tricolor teammate: “ I see with great pleasure the majority of players. I see Lilian, Marcel, Liza, Franck, Diodio… If we were to see each other with Duga, it wouldn’t even be hello, good evening. Each his way, each his way. It’s clear “.

Still, it is a pity that the two legends of French football, Didier Deschamps and Zinedine Zidane, are no longer really close. And this even if it has often been the case before, Michel Platini not having friends with the Blues either. But seeing DD and Zizou split up because of the France team, and the love they have for the French jersey and the position of coach is clearly infuriating. And if in addition, they do not reconcile over a good meal, it is that really nothing is going well.

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