Deschamps 2026, Zidane’s reaction!

Cited as the big favorite to take control of the France team if Didier Deschamps had not been extended, Zinedine Zidane lived calmly the choice made by the FFF.

Zinedine Zidane’s supporters, and there are many of them, must now digest it, they will not see Zizou in charge of the France team for four years. Didier Deschamps announced it on Saturday, the current national coach has signed a new contract until 2026 and he intends to complete his mission. Result, Zidane, who had a priori refused PSG last summer to remain available for the Blues, will not have the long-awaited position. But where some announced a 2018 world champion furious at having been led by the French Football Federation, L’Equipe affirms on the contrary that the former Real Madrid coach lived through these events serenely. And that all the more easily since he would have been warned before anyone else that his former teammate in the France team was going to be the French coach for a few more seasons. Not enough to spoil the end of year celebrations for Zinedine Zidane who had other ideas in mind.

Zidane is in no rush to find a job

Because unlike some of his ulcerated fans for 24 hours, Zinedine Zidane totally understood Didier Deschamps’ choice to stay a little longer, he himself had also confided in the sports daily last June: ” The France team is the most beautiful thing there is. Journalist for the specialized media, and close to the Zidane clan, François Verdenet affirms that even if the latter’s agent has received several offers from foreign countries, and in particular from Brazil, Portugal and the United States, Zinedine Zidane does not intend to give in to the sirens of a selection other than France. In other words, Neymar, Vinicius Jr and the other Seleçao stars will not work under the orders of the French technician.

And no more than Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain should not have too many illusions, even if the Emir of Qatar is an absolute fan of Zinedine Zidane. Because there is no urgency for the latter to find a job, the idea of ​​depression linked to this situation being to be forgotten. Aged 50, Zizou knows that in 2026 he will not be too old to lead the France team and until then he has a big family he wants to enjoy, as was the case after the World Cup. While his name was on everyone’s lips, Papa Zidane devoted himself above all to the marriage of his son Enzo, far from prying eyes and the cameras. An attitude which confirms that the former Madrid technician calmly manages this situation, where some of his supporters have totally cracked on social networks.

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