Derksen fully supports Schreuder: ‘Does she really get to play football’

Johan Derksen still has full confidence in Alfred Schreuder as coach of Ajax. Schreuder mainly needs time and so Ajax must also give him that time, says Derksen on the YouTube channel of Inside today. The regular table guest of the program of the same name also sees it as a blessing for Ajax that Daley Blind has left.

‘I think it is completely wrong that that trainer is completely burned down’, Derksen opens his argument, noting that the media are also to blame for this. Derksen is therefore absolutely in favor of Schreuder. “I think he is a very good trainer and they should keep him above their heads for a while, because he really gets them playing football.”

Derksen bases this mainly on Schreuder’s past. “That boy didn’t do all that bad. He was at FC Twente at a time when the club was very restless, when the expensive players had to leave and he had to save himself. He has done well in Germany and Belgium. He has functioned well as Ten Hag’s assistant, he is a really good guy.’

‘Blind is the greatest intriguer in the whole company’

Derksen also has his own ideas about the situation surrounding Daley Blind. ‘I think that would be a blessing for Ajax’, says The moustache when asked about the departure of the now former Ajax player. “Because that’s the biggest intriguer in the whole company.” Derksen also points to the Dutch national team and especially to the fact that Danny Blind was Louis van Gaal’s assistant. ‘You shouldn’t want that as a national coach that your right hand is the father of one of the players.’

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