Deputy asks that Deolane be investigated by the police after threats against participants in ‘A Fazenda’

Federal Deputy Alexandre Frota decided to pronounce after Bárbara Borges was threatened by Deolane in “A Fazenda”. The deputy used social networks to ask that Deolane be investigated by the police because of her behavior and threats beyond the program, claiming to be “very serious” what the lawyer said.

demonstrating solidarity with the plight of Barbaraas well as Xuxa Meneghel, who repudiated Deolane’s attitude and was criticized by the participant’s sister, the deputy drew the attention of the Civil Police and Gaeco to Deolane’s attitudes.

🇧🇷The threats against the life of the actress are very serious Barbara Borges. It has been suffering aggressive threats from another competitor, which even is being investigated by the Civil Police SP and Gaeco (Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime). Whether action by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is necessary of the State of São Paulo, Civil Police and National OAB“, he wrote.

Lawyer charges OAB because of Deolane’s threats to Bárbara in A Fazenda

Alexandre Frota is not the only one bothered by Deolane’s attitudes, who even simulated punching Kerline in the face. One criminal lawyer called Guy Simões used social media to conduct a legal analysis of Deolane’s behavior.

After the lawyer said that “I would break the face” by Barbara Borges out of the game and that it “would come to nothing”the actress almost asked to leave the program and the lawyer commented that the “aggressive and threatening conduct” is reason for intervention by Record production.

“I’ve never seen such a thing. It’s over the line. Deolane’s positioning is criminal, yes. Threat is a crime,” he said. “As a criminal lawyer, I repudiate the aggressive and threatening conduct uttered by participant Deolane. Production should have intervened by now. And the Court of Ethics of the OAB-SP needs to be triggered“, he declared.

“It’s not just a crime she commits, she doesn’t act like a lawyer. She does not represent me, she does not represent the OAB. We have a professional code of ethics, which, regardless of being in or out of court, we need to maintain a coherent, consistent posture. What is she doing already violates until the OAB’s own code of ethics“, he concluded.

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