Deprived of winter boots, opponent Alexeï Navalny files a complaint in prison

Imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, who for weeks has been denouncing tougher prison conditions, said on Monday he was suing his prison for being deprived of winter boots as the snow and cold arrived .

“I am filing a complaint against my penal colony demanding that it provide me with winter boots,” he wrote in a message sent to his lawyers and posted on his social networks. According to Alexei Navalny, imprisoned 200 km from Moscow, this deprivation “is an excellent example of the deceit and sophistication of the pressure system” in Russian prisons.

“If you are not given winter boots, it means that you do not go out for a walk (and you suffer from it) or else you go out for a walk and you get sick (which has already happened to me)”, explains the opponent. And, he says, getting sick in his colony is “absolutely not recommended”: hot water there is limited to three cups a day and that would mean asking the prison administration for medicine and services.


Stupid winter boots make me vulnerable

Alexei Navalny

“When they feel they have extra leverage, the administration starts twisting your arm and demanding that you make concessions,” says Alexei Navalny. “Stupid winter boots make me vulnerable.”
He also sent a spade to some of his supporters who write to him and speak in their letters of “depression and darkness”.

“Are you serious? Come on, pull yourself together. If you’re alive and healthy and free, it’s not all bad. Drink your pumpkin (coffee) latte and do something to bring freedom to Russia.” Alexei Navalny was arrested in Russia in January 2021, on his return to the country after suffering serious poisoning, which he attributes to the Kremlin. Last March, he was sentenced to nine years in prison under a “severe” regime for charges of “fraud” which he considers fictitious. In October, he announced that he was facing new charges that could carry up to 30 years in prison.

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