Deolane Bezerra, without megahair, displays natural hair: ‘This is the reality, but it’s growing’

Deolane Bezerra in ‘The Farm’? Widow of MC Kevin prefers rural reality show to ‘BBB’

Invited by Virgínia Fonseca and Camila Loures to PodCats, Deolane considered the possibility of being on a reality show. “The problem is showing your flaws and imperfections,” said the criminal lawyer, now also with a dish with her name in a restaurant dear to celebrities.

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In the interview, she explained that she identifies more with the rural reality of Record than with the global program – whose 2022 edition has already started to have some details revealed. “Do you believe that I think ‘The Farm’ is more my dear than ‘BBB’? I’m not a shack, but I don’t take shit home. whole,” he guaranteed.

She even wondered what her behavior would be like if she got involved in a controversy. “It’s like ‘A Fazenda’, they released spit in my face. If you spit in my face, I’ll kill you”, the now influencer amused.

According to her, her morning bad mood would be an obstacle to living together. “They wake me up. And I don’t want anyone talking to me, but I’m there, with my eyes open,” he assured.

Deolane tells how she deals with haters: ‘I wish you success’

With nearly 13 million followers, the “doctor”, a pet nickname she gained from fans, told how she deals with haters on the web. “A nail that stands out gets hammered, right? And I’ll take it for the rest of my life. If you want to speak ill of me, speak up. I wish everyone success in life,” he said to columnist Leo Dias.

According to her, after her husband’s death, she initially wanted to go offline, but she turned back. “I tried to stay away from the Internet, but the social networks warmed me up. Hate wasn’t enough for me. Only on the gossip profiles! I didn’t have time to live my grief and I don’t even like to show it,” he pointed out.

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