Deolane Bezerra charges R$ 150,000 to spend two hours at an event

widow of MC Kevin and powerful influencer, Deolane Calf charges BRL 150 thousand reais to stay two hours at birthday parties or social events.

The value was revealed by Dayanne Bezerra, the lawyer’s sister. On her Instagram, she made room for followers to post questions, and one of them asked her to share some conversation she had with Deolane.

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In the WhatsApp print, the two talked about values:

“Good afternoon, how are you? What is Deolane’s value on an anniversary? But it is in Campo Verde, Mato Grosso. He does? If so, how much is it?” says the dialogue. Deolane answers: “Is it presence or to play?” “Presence,” returns Dayanne. “150 [mil reais] for two hours,” returns Deolane.

Deolane Bezerra charged 150 thousand reais to spend two hours on her birthday – Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

With more than 13 million followers on Instagram alone, Deolane said that she “can’t deal with silence” and that she insists on responding to the attacks she receives on social media:

“I really answer. I don’t know how to deal with silence. But I learned that a nail that sticks out gets hammered. So, if I bother it, it’s because I’m successful. It’s a sign that I’m being seen. And hater, for me, is synonymous with very idle people, who have nothing to do in life and who live oozing hatred on the hidden internet. Most don’t even show their faces. I don’t care about that,” she said to Quem.

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