Deo admitted: I spent 160 vouchers for white!

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21 November 2021, 09:56

The famous TV presenter Deo admitted that he spent about BGN 160,000 on drugs. The perhydrolen zevzek reveals this in his autobiographical stand-up show “How did you get here !?”. In the author’s one-man show Deyan Slavchev, as is the real name of the former bartender, openly shares about the successes, failures and overcome addictions, he learned HotArena.“I spent about BGN 300 a week on material. Sometimes there were more, sometimes less, because friends also drank, but on average 300 quintals. One year has 52 weeks, which makes BGN 15,600. I gave so much a year for white. For 10 years I was addicted and now I’m sick of thinking that I spent 156,000 leva on cocaine. That’s how much the house my wife Mariana and I built costs and I will pay for it for 12 years! ”, Deo takes stock of his life, who today sincerely regrets the thousands of levs spent on drugs.His encounter with drugs took place in his bartending years, when a friend gave him a pill to give him the strength to endure 24-hour shifts. “He immediately gave me power. I was like a spring. In seconds I was carrying coffee, shots, drinks. I liked the adrenaline, but then I was hit with a wet rag “, the blonde admits today. He still takes the same pill again and so on until he is drawn to the stimulants that give him a false illusion.“Everyone can break their brain and lose their soul with drugs. Salvation is sport and art. Many people helped me this time – Dicho, Zornitsa-Sofia, Blatechki, Vergov and others. I started in the boxing hall with Krassimir Cholakov, where Dicho took me, that’s how my escape started. When you get involved in sports, chemically it gives you the same adrenaline, the same “extras”, and the pain in the muscles and joints disappears. In addition, I changed my environment and did not see people who were close to me at the time. Another moment is Zornitsa-Sofia, which chose me for its film “Forecast” and took me to the island of Gokceada. There I entered the surf school of Kiril Stoynov together with Blatechki and Julian Vergov. Then I started with yoga and breathing techniques, “says the 46-year-old Deo today.He admits that the road is not easy and light, but once he has succeeded, so can others. According to Deyan, the secret lies in detaching yourself completely from the “harmful” environment and surrounding yourself with new people who are far from vices. Sport is also key.“Everyone leaves something behind. I looked for what I would stay with in the newspapers and found out that I was the first known Bulgarian to be caught with drugs. I was caught by the First District, I also appeared on the first page of the newspapers. This was my most difficult period – in the beginning of fame. Then I was doing Jukebox. Then they put me on the cover of Egoist for the second time. I was the first subcultural person, as Noisy (one of the magazine’s founders, Ivaylo Tsvetkov), to be caught with drugs. I was in a restaurant, I was caught there. It took Yavor Baharov 20 years to catch up with me, but, brother, I am the first! ”, Admits Deo with a laugh, who always tries to extract something fun and positive from every situation.“The moment you decide you have to fight, only then do you succeed. No matter what relatives and friends tell you, if you don’t make this decision, there will be no way ”- this is the secret to getting out of drugs.Presenting his performance from the stage of a metropolitan club in Student City, the host of “Sport Toto” was honest with the audience who had come to watch it and said that he had not hosted a show or an awards ceremony without first being “Took the dose.” This was for years, but before he realized it and decided to get out of the clutches of harmful substances. Slavchev also owes his many decayed teeth to them, which his dentist barely managed to save.Coincidentally or not, it is in a nightclub that Deo meets the love of his life, as he calls it. Mariana is a waitress in Varna and as soon as she sees her, the blonde immediately likes her and invites her to shoot a video together. In the beginning, they are united by the fact that they both have difficult periods in their lives and are slowly rediscovering themselves. For about a month the TV presenter constantly travels briefly to Varna. Then Mariana came to live in Sofia with him and quickly became pregnant with their first son Borislav, who is now 5 and a half years old, and their young son Teodor is almost 2 years old. Deo and Mariana got married the year after the birth of their first child – on September 23, 2017, and their wedding celebration was in October. The two constantly share photos of their happy family of 4, who live in a house in the town of Godech.The TV host of the lottery shares that he has everything, he never watches the news on TV. “I am calm and I live outside the capital, I am happy,” says Deo. Dean Slavchev admits that he is now a completely new person. After stopping the drugs, he has not drunk alcohol for 4 years and is committed to a natural lifestyle. The reason for the total change is his wife Mariana, because of which he no longer licks a drop of alcohol. The 46-year-old blond defines his life as a story about a waiter who managed to get here with a lot of luck, goodwill and patience. “A personal decision can turn the coin around. At the moment I am experiencing something like a personal happy end “, Deo concludes with a smile, quoted by “Weekend.”


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