Denmark is expected to bottom in Eurovision: But this could save Reddi from defeat

There is not the slightest chance that Eurovision will be held on Danish soil next year.

In fact, both international fans and bookmakers believe that ‘The Show’ with Danish Reddi is so weak that it does not even reach the final when it participates in the first semi-final of Eurovision on Tuesday.

Right now, the song is predicted to be 34th overall – out of 40 participating countries.

But if you ask DR’s long-time grand prix expert Ole Tøpholm, there is still a tiny chance that the journey is not quite over for Mathilde ‘Siggy’ Savery, Ihan Haydar, Agnes Roslund and Ida Bergkvist after Tuesday’s semi-final.

‘There is nothing that is impossible in the grand prix. I myself have many times been surprised by which songs have gone on and been judged out, “says Ole Tøpholm.

“But it’s a little uphill.”

In Eurovision, the participating countries, by drawing lots, are divided into two semi-finals, which take place on Tuesday and Thursday before Saturday’s grand final.

Only the top ten go on, and when Denmark ended up in the pool with Russia, which has since been thrown out of the competition after the invasion of Ukraine, there is already one less competitor to deal with.

2021 – Fire & Flame: ‘Practice each other’ – kdid not qualify for the final

2020 – Ben & Tan: ‘Say Yes’ – Eurovision canceled due to corona pandemic

2019 – Leonora: ‘Love is Forever’ – No. 12

2018 – Rasmussen: ‘Higher Ground’ – no. 9

2017 – Anja: ‘Where I Am’ – No. 20

2016 – Lighthouse X: ‘Soldiers of Love’ – did not qualify for the final

2015 – Anti Social Media: ‘The Way You Are’ – kdid not qualify for the final

2014 – Basim: ‘Cliche Love Song’ – No. 9

2013 – Emmelie de Forest: ‘Only Teardrops’ – No. 1

2012 – Soluna Samay: ‘Should’ve Known Better’ – No. 23

In addition, Ole Tøpholm believes that Reddi were lucky when they were drawn to the first semifinal.

Here, the field is a bit weaker than in the second semifinal, where many of the pre-favorites have to fight against each other.

»And then ‘The Show’ is this easily accessible radio song that starts in a ballad and turns into a pop rock song. It is the only one in its genre in the first semifinal. And that can be to our advantage, ”he says.

“So that way it is not impossible, but it will be a nice, positive surprise if we go on to the final, because there are not the high expectations.”

Reddi has chosen not to change the stage show with which they won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix in May. But Ole Tøpholm still hopes that they in Turin will turn up the attitude.

In particular, he believes that drummer Ihan Haydar – who is already known from the band LIGA – can bring voices home to the charm.

“You have to find your strengths and the way you can best sell yourself, and I think that is, among other things, her magic with the drums. So I hope you focus on that, “he says.

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