Denitsa Ikonomova: the dancer and juror of "Dance with the stars" recounts this terrible shame experienced in front of 4,000 people!

During the last season of Dance with the stars Denitsa Ikonomova joined the jury for “Dance with the stars”, alongside Chris Marques, Jean-Paul Gaultier and François Alu. A mission that the young woman carried out with a lot of class and above all with professionalism. Especially when she was confronted live with the one who is perhaps at the origin of her quarrel with Rayane Bensetti. In the spring, the actor was indeed seen very close to Camille Lellouche in a video relayed on social networks. So Friday, November 19, 2021, when Tayc and Fauve Hautot, future winners of the competition, made a contemporary on the title “Don’t insist” by the comedian, viewers reacted en masse on Twitter. “You really don’t respect Denitsa to put back a song by Camille and do a close-up on her”, “Denitsa she is strong to put up with that for the second time”, “Camille Lellouche’s 2nd song of the season… It is of the provocation “, commented the Net surfers.

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Denitsa Ikonomova confides her biggest shame

But as a great professional, Denitsa Ikonomova remained in control of her emotions without revealing the slightest resentment. It must be said that the dancer is used to supporting the pressure. Even to face very critical situations.

Invited in The big video party on Saturday January 8 on Gulli, the young woman recounted an unfortunate episode that happened to her on stage. “I will tell you the biggest shame. We did the Palais des sports last year, and there are over 4,000 people watching us. I’m with my troop, I do such a romantic rumba and at some point I separate from my partner and I have to run towards him for a super lift“, explicitly Denitsa Ikonomov.”I run and I do voummm like that“, she says, mimicking her fall.”And there my partner he had the good reaction to come all the way down to come and carry me, but you heard 4,000 people who did ‘Oohhhhh‘”, indicates the dancer in front of the other guests present that evening.

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