Denitsa Ikonomova: SURPRISE! The dancer leaves DALS…

In some months, TF1 will broadcast the 12th season of Dance with the stars. And there will be changes in the jury. Of course Chris Marques re-enlisted just like François Alu. “He has a good sense of the word, a certain benevolence and he embodies modernity, in particular thanks to his own universe (…) He really appreciated the competition last year and reserved a place of choice for us in his schedule, however very full”indicated Frédéric Pedraza, deputy director of TF1 Production to Parisian.

However Denitsa Ikonomova will not find her seat. Worse still, she also won’t make a comeback as a contestant and attempt to add a new trophy to her roster.

“We offered her to come back to the floor but her schedule does not allow it. She is preparing the choreography for a big film at the start of the school year, and is working on another feature film”, said the producer. Bad news mitigated by this announcement: “She will return around an event on the show”.

Yet ready for one more season

However, the one who won the third season of Mask Singer a few months ago, in the columns of TV Magazine, the dancer said she was “proud” and privileged to have played a new role in the program that popularized her. As she told our colleagues, she tried “to give (to the candidates) all the tools to be able to make them progress, to make sure that they move forward, that they evolve, and that they go as far as possible. I am very happy with my career as a judge .” And concerning the next edition, she confided: “I think I would like to be on the jury again because I enjoyed it a lot, but I would like to dance a little more. I hope that we can find a middle ground between the two”.

The young woman will therefore have completed a single season in a role that suited her like a glove.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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