Denitsa Ikonomova leaves "Dance with the stars" : the reason finally revealed!

Present since the start of the program, Denitsa Ikonomova has decided to bow out. Indeed, the one who has won the show several times will not be part of the jury of Dance with the stars this year and is not going to perform on the courts either. But why did the beauty choose to retire? Maybe to focus a little more on his private life? Very discreet on this subject, she made many confidences during her stay in 50’Inside a few days ago.

When asked about her desire to have a child, Denitsa Ikonomova replied bluntly: “If one day it happens, I will be very, very, very happy. And if it doesn’t, I will continue to party”. It would therefore not be for this reason that she made the choice to deviate for a while from the dance program of TF1. In the end, we had to wait for the response from Frédéric Pedraza, the deputy director of TF1 Production. It was he who gave the reason for the dancer’s departure during an interview with the Parisian.

A problem schedule

According to him, the schedule of François Alu’s sidekick would be far too busy. “We offered him to come back to the floor but his schedule does not allow him to do so”he assured at first before making it known: “She is preparing the choreography for a big film at the start of the school year and is working on another feature film”. In fact, we understand a little better why the one who has won the show many times will not be able to ensure the show one more year.

On the other hand, his most faithful “companion” has signed for one more year. “He has the sense of the word, a certain benevolence and he embodies modernity, in particular thanks to his own universe […] He really enjoyed last year’s competition and reserved a special place for us in his busy schedule.”, welcomed Frédéric Pedraza. In place of Denitsa, it will be Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnès Gillot who will judge the candidates.

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