Denis Brogniart "psychopath" : what he forces Lili, Violette and Blanche, his three daughters!

His rhythm of life? Clocked. Even on weekends, Denis Brogniart imposes a real organization… and constraints.

The TV host, whose schedule is very busy, has indeed revealed to the Journal du Dimanche, that he was not at all a late riser, quite the contrary.

The TF1 star never wakes up after 8 a.m., even on Sundays. As for her children, they too have to wake up quite early.

One who describes himself as a “psychopath”claims that Lili and Violette (17-year-old twins), and Blanche, 15, are not allowed to get out of bed after 10 a.m.

“We tell ourselves that to deserve to do nothing in the afternoon, you need an active Sunday morning”, explained the main interested party who likes to chain the tasks.

And it is really to be able to take advantage of each other that Denis Borgniart, who is also the happy father of a 22-year-old boy named Dimitri, offers this type of organization at home: It’s an absolute pleasure to be all together at the table. We are almost six adults now, the discussions are more lively”.

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Apolline Demarchelier

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