Demonstration for purchasing power: the presence of members of the majority also irritates the Open Vld, “my stomach turns over”

“My stomach turns when I see majority parties participating in a demonstration against government policy,” he told the House during the budget adjustment debate.

Among the demands of the demonstration was the revision of the 1996 law on the competitiveness of companies which, as modified by the Michel government, corsets wage increases excluding indexation. Among the demonstrators were the president of the PS, the new presidents of Groen, deputies Ecolo and Vooruit.

An opinion shared with the MR

The MR had already pointed out the presence of members of the majority. MP Open Vld, also a businessman, followed suit. He was also critical of the policy of sanctions against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine, believing that they were not very effective “if we see that they make us more harm than they do to Russia”.

In his eyes, “dark clouds are gathering” over the Belgian economy and “courageous decisions” will be necessary.

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