Demi Moore has just turned 60 and you will be amazed by the beauty and tricks of the actress in her routine

Demi Moore owns iconic film roles in hits such as “Ghost” and “Até o Limita da Honra” and is also a reference for beauty in maturity. With 60 years just turned on November 11she is on the celebrity team that posts makeup-free selfies on social media.

In addition, the American has a beauty routine that involves everything from a special towel to restrictions on alcohol consumption. Were you curious to know more curiosities about the beauty of Demi Moore? See the list below!

1. Demi Moore is a fan of facial hydration

In a video for Harper’s Bazaar, Demi revealed that her good relationship with skincare is a reflection of what she listened to at home. “My mother always taught me, no matter what, you should wash, clean and moisturize your skin.”

The actress explained that, in addition to her face with lotion, she always makes sure to include her neck and chest in this moisturizing ritual. For this, Demi Moore has three beloved skin moisturizers: Biologique Recherche Creme Dermopurifiante, Biologique Recherche La Grande Crème and Retrouvé Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer.

2. Actress uses a special towel to remove makeup

According to Demi, her skin is supersensitive and, therefore, products without fragrance and with simple formulas are their favorites.

In addition to them, she bets on a make-up removal towel, which has a thinner fabric than the others. “She literally takes everything off! It’s magical!”, she indicated to Harper’s Bazaar.

3. Demi Moore is adept at massage and facial drainage

After applying your moisturizers and other skincare productsMoore uses gua-sha to massage the cheekbones, along the forehead and neck.

“You work with all the tension in your face and activate the blood flow in your skin. When you’re over 50 and your skin feels like it’s hitting the ground, that’s amazing.”

4. Demi Moore has a skin expert who has been with her for years!

Another Demi Moore beauty hack is having an expert you’ve trusted for years. The actress said that she is accompanied by the facialist Terri Lawton, who is also a kind of energy healer🇧🇷

“It’s kind of a mind-body experience. I also really respect her opinion about the products, because I know it’s very much in line with my vision that they have to be active, but very clean,” he said.

5. Demi Moore doesn’t drink alcohol

Demi Moore’s relationship with alcohol involves troubled moments: in a recent book, she admitted to having suffered from addiction during the 1980s. The artist underwent rehabilitation, but had a relapse when she had a miscarriage during her marriage to Ashton. Kutcher.

“I don’t want to miss a moment of life, even if it means being in… some pain,” he stated in an interview with Lena Duhan. The habit also has some important benefits for the skin, as alcohol decreases the amount of antidiuretic hormones in your body. In this way, leaving it aside or consuming it consciously will help keep your skin hydrated and favor the reabsorption of water in the body.

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