Demi Lovato went to rehab in December, says website

According to the portal “Page Six“, Demi Lovato would have returned to rehab during the end of 2021, even spending a season in a clinic due to an alleged relapse. Lovato was secretly admitted three years after an overdose that nearly took her life.

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According to the outlet, a source close to Demi stated that the artist, who claims to be non-binary, returned to the rehabilitation clinic, located in Utah, and was doing very well.

It’s still not very clear when the new admission took place, but everything indicates that it happened around the time it was announced that Demi gave up any drugs to keep her sobriety at one hundred percent. Struggling with substance abuse for years, he still used marijuana and consumed alcohol in a “recreational” way, but he chose to change.

“I don’t support my ‘California sobriety’ anymore. The only way to be sober is to be sober,” said Lovato on her Instagram in early December. Californian sobriety means consuming cannabis in a moderate way, in addition to drinking socially.

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