Demi Lovato makes directorial debut with a documentary about ex-child stars

Demi Lovato
Directorial debut with a documentary about ex-child stars

Demi Lovato will work in front of and behind the camera for a documentary.

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Demi Lovato will make her debut as a director with a documentary film. It will be about former child stars.

Singer and actress Demi Lovato (30) will make her directorial debut. This is reported by the US industry magazine “Deadline”. Her first project behind the camera is a documentary for the streaming service Hulu, currently with the working title Child Star.

He will “discuss the ups and downs of growing up in the spotlight through the lens of some of the world’s most famous former child stars, including Lovato,” according to the announcement. It will also show how “her rise to fame, fortune and power affects her future”. Her experience of growing up in the limelight is chronicled through intimate conversations led by Lovato and archival footage. It is not yet known who will appear in front of the camera.

“There is no better film or subject for my directorial debut,” said Lovato, who will co-direct with Nicola Marsh, in a statement. “Our project sheds light on important messages about growing up in the public eye, learning to protect your boundaries, and becoming an active advocate for your own destiny.” She is honored to be able to learn from the people “who had the unique experience of stardom as a child and share their stories in our film”.

She has already made personal documentaries

Lovato’s early credits include playing Mitchie Torres in the Disney film Camp Rock (2008) and portraying Sonny Munroe in the Disney Channel television series of the same name. She also started a singing career. In the 2017 documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated and documentary series Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, the singer opens up about traumas from her past and struggles with mental health and addiction.


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