Demi Lovato censored in the UK for an offensive image towards Christians

The cover of his new album, ‘Holy Fvck’, did not sit well with the advertising industry’s self-regulatory body.

Yet released in August 2022, the latest opus of Demi Lovato is still making headlines in the UK, where a promotional campaign has been officially banned. After months of deliberation, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which monitors the advertising industry in the country, has issued its verdict and found the images at issue to be offensive to Christians and inappropriate for children. It is particularly the cover of the opus “Holy Fvck” which poses a problem: the non-binary singer appears there very sexy lying on a mattress in the shape of a cross, dressed only in underwear and tied up with what seems to be a bondage technique. Six promotional posters placed in the streets of London last summer had caused four different reports, before being withdrawn pending a decision from the ASA.

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The regulator said the album cover, and its contextualization, seemed to clearly link sexuality to the holy symbol of the crucifix, which is likely to seriously offend Christians. In addition to the position of the singer’s legs, which recalls that of Christ on the cross, it is the title of the album which is called into question, since it takes up a common swear word in English, which associates the word “holy” (which means “holy”), to the word “fuck”. The Asa also clarified that the attempt to camouflage the word “fuck” by replacing the “u” with a “v” was not effective enough, especially with the photo and context.

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