Delphine Wespiser: Her darling Roger was in fact a stripper! Photos unveiled …

Delphine Wespiser lives a romance with Roger Erhart, whom she considers her soulmate, and who often appears on the set Do not touch My TV. But what we didn’t know about this 55-year-old nightclub owner was that he was a model and stripper in his youth! This November 25, Cyril Hanouna and his team unveiled photos of the companion of Miss France 2012, in his younger years.

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“Delphine refuses to admit it, but if she fell in love with Roger, it is because he is a famous stripteaser dancer in Alsace. Is that true?”, launched the troublemaker of the PAF, who read a pookie written by one of its columnists, like every Thursday evening. It was then that photos of Roger Erhart young appeared on the screen, leaving Matthieu Delormeau, Jean-Michel Maire and the others speechless. “What? This is Roger? But what happened to him?”, “He got into a truck or what?”, asked the two individuals, a bit mockingly.

“He was a model for The Redoubt but not in my time. He was a stripper … But I met him 5 years ago, so he didn’t do that anymore “, explained the beauty queen. Faced with the mockery of some of her colleagues, the Alsatian got annoyed. “You are starting to upset me very seriously. People who criticize, look at your faces first.”, she said.

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