Delphine Wespiser clashes with a former Miss in TPMP: The columnist will start a new war with her words!

Coming at the beginning of November for the promotion of his book Miss Scandale, Kelly Bochenko returned to the publication of her naked photos in the magazine Interview in 2010.

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But quickly, his words annoyed Delphine Wespiser. “The problem, what bothers me is that you say you had amnesia so there’s even more history. I’ve seen these photos, they’re not even sexy photos, it’s porn photos, and even porn photos are cleaner! “, she had launched.

Shocked, the former Miss Paris felt insulted. “I was upset, I remained stoic and fairly calm!”, she said in a Luxury moment. “I saw some, but then this is extremely shocking! By insulting me, she insulted all the other victims! That’s what hurt me! I know she is very young, but at one point, we are responsible for our words! She dirtied me, and she dirtied the other victims! I could not explain myself with her after leaving the set, she had very strong ideas Let her buy my book and read it! “.

The war between the two women continued as Roger’s companion reacted in the columns TV-Leisure. “What bothers me in this story is that it says that my words offended all the other victims. But I am not talking about the other victims, I am sure that we do not hurt women! question Kelly Bochenko’s version, it was personal. I find it vicious and unwelcome to say that my words – which targeted her situation – evoked other people “.

The young woman mentioned one of the reasons why she is not convinced by this story: “‘I saw the photos, I thought it was weird that she did not file a complaint, that she did not give the name of the photographer. Why? It would not be so that he did not file a complaint in turn for defamation. ? I do not know”, she wondered.

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