DELICIOUS! Netflix’s first romantic comedy soap opera surprises and becomes the MOST VIEWED on streaming

We Brazilians love one novel🇧🇷 There are generations and generations that grew up watching and listening soap operas, either on the radio or on open TV. We like the more dramatized ones, with characters suffering to the point of making the whole city (or the country) stop to see what is happening, but we also like it – a lot! – one of the more slapstick ones, with theatrical performances and stories that are so cliché, but so cliché, that they seem to be the same forever. In this last aspect, the biggest highlights were the classic mexican soap operas, which, between the 1980s and 2000s, enchanted Brazilian spectators with strong and vengeful female protagonists. And as we are still big fans of this type of entertainment, it is no wonder that similar productions are successful today, as has been the case with ‘Till Money Do Us Part’🇧🇷 novel Colombian that since its debut appears in the Top 10 in series gives Netflix🇧🇷

Alejandra Maldonado 🇧🇷Carmen Villalobos) is an extremely successful businesswoman. Sales manager of a car company, her life is to work, work and work, because the more she sells, the more commission she earns, and, consequently, she manages to maintain her luxurious standard of living. Which is why she encourages her team to sell more and more. As she is about to marry Luciano Velenzuela 🇧🇷Gregorio Pernia🇧🇷 Alejandra, who has never had a bad deal done, bet all his chips on selling 20 trucks to a company, closing a big deal for his firm. However, on the way to sign the term of commitment, she has an accident when her car crashes with that of Rafael 🇧🇷Sebastian Martinez), a debt-ridden seller of fake items of dubious origin, who, despite having to deliver drinks to a friend to receive some money to pay his sister’s college tuition, Mileninha 🇧🇷Stephania Duke), drops everything to save the life of Alejandra and take her to the hospital. However, in order not to admit the fault of the accident, Rafael pretends to be the victim’s husband, and trouble is set when Lucianthe girl’s real fiance, turns up at the hospital.

Divided into 85 episodes lasting about an hour (which would make, in practice, a soap opera lasting four and a half months more or less), ‘Till Money Do Us Part‘ mixes well-caricatured characters and cores to build the clash between rich universe versus poor universe, and show what’s good in each of them in order to take the protagonists out of their bubbles. If on the one hand Rafael has a what of Lin-Manuel Miranda in ‘In A Neighborhood in New York‘ (the nice salesman friend of all), quite common in the popular centers of global soap operas, on the other hand we have the Alejandra quite Elon Musk, with eyes focused on money but, deep down, an innocent fool who believes in love. It is from the chemistry between the two that the best insights from the screenplay of Andres Burgo🇧🇷

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Even though it takes time to get into gear, the little soap opera romantic comedy it has its high points and guarantees a good laugh for those who just want to see something light and entertain themselves after a hard day of work or study. A type of program to be watched little by little, without the need to binge, which proposes entertainment with a shower of clichés, which we have grown accustomed to consuming during prime time on TV.

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