Delhaize, Carrefour, Colruyt, Match, Cora…: be careful if you bought these ice creams, they are withdrawn from sale!

Following an inspection, the manufacturer General Mills found the presence of traces of 2-Chloroethanol (2CE, which is an indicator for the presence of ethylene oxide) in a batch of Häagen-Dazs products.

After in-depth investigations, it appears that the source of the non-compliance is linked to a single vanilla supplier. General Mills is therefore recalling all products that have been made with vanilla from this supplier.

These products were distributed in Belgium and Luxembourg via, among others, the Carrefour, Resuma, Colruyt, Delfood, Delhaize, Makro, Match, Cora stores and also via Bidfood, Ceges, Romeck, Mekabe and AET

The 10 products with the expiration dates mentioned below will be removed from the shelves of all stores. We ask consumers who have purchased these products not to consume them and to contact General Mills for a refund.

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