Defense victim of a cyberattack on December 16: it’s more serious than expected!

It wasn’t until Tuesday, nearly four weeks after the incident, that the outbound courier service was fixed.

The internal messaging system was put back together relatively quickly. But who from the outside tried to reach a Defense email address, received a notification that the email could not be delivered, and this for four weeks.

The e-mail was well received, but the military could not answer it. Yesterday, an internet search was still impossible for members of the Defense. In addition, the approvals of the human resources department, for example for guards or overseas operations, still remain out of service. As a result, military personnel cannot claim any compensation at this time.

The Defense network has indeed been cut off from the Internet during all this time, confirms the office of Minister Ludivine Dedonder (PS). “This turned out to be necessary in order to be able to check whether everything was safe. Since Tuesday noon, mails to the outside can again be sent ”.

However, the resumption of outcalling remains sporadic and a complete resumption is not envisaged before February 12. “However, we wish to insist on the fact that the attack had no impact on our operational level”, once again assures the cabinet.

The attack could have been carried out because of a loophole in the security of popular software. The daily reports that the Belgian center for cybersecurity had already warned on December 13, three days before the attack, of such a flaw, encouraging companies to install updates as soon as possible.

On Friday, the offices of deputy prime ministers will be informed of the situation. This Wednesday in the day, the defense committee of the parliament meets and should decide to hold a hearing as soon as possible.

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