Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder announces: dozens of wounded Ukrainians will soon arrive at our home for treatment

Beyond welcoming refugees, does Belgium continue to help Ukraine? How ?

In the same way as at the beginning. President Zelensky recalled, during his visit to Parliament, that Belgium had been one of the first countries to send aid. Last Friday, I submitted a file to the Council of Ministers to send lethal and also medical equipment. We also help with training, given our expertise in mine clearance. We have also offered this assistance to the coastal states of the Black Sea. We are always ready to receive the injured. We haven’t had a lot of them so far, but we’re told a few dozen could happen. Depending on the pathology, they will stay at the Military Hospital (burn victims) or will be dispatched to other hospitals under our agreement with the FPS Public Health.

We still have enough stocks to help them?

We already gave on our stocks at the beginning but we must keep some to deploy and knowing that we will be called upon to deploy more. We also launched an appeal to all Belgian security and defense companies. Ukrainian demands were publicized and companies came forward based on their stocks. Belgium bought from these companies and sent the material to Ukraine. For the last order, part was made on our stocks so that it goes faster but a company will supply us quickly if I can say so.

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