DeepWay Xingtu, the electric-powered robot truck designed by Pininfarina – PHOTO

Is called Xingtu and it is a high-tech truck made in China. The main feature? it will not need the intervention of the driver. Presented by DeepWay, a company that produces heavy vehicles controlled by Baidu, a Chinese hi-tech company, the truck is in fact equipped with the technology necessary for autonomous driving Level 4. Cameras, infrared detector and radar are integrated in this vehicle which has a detection range of over 1 kilometer.

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Drawn by Pininfarina Shanghai, Xingtu is developed entirely in China. Yunpeng Wang, vice president and general manager of Baidu’s autonomous driving technology division said, “To achieve commercial success, autonomous driving must use advanced technology that creates new products that deliver the best possible experience. We aim to create value in real-life scenarios such as passenger transport, deliveries and services for life. This new generation of vehicles is by no means just a modified truck, it is a robot truck ”.

The first generation of DeepWay Xingtu is equipped with the HIS, a intelligence system which includes: 11 on-board cameras, an infrared detector, a millimeter wave radar and a LIDAR sensor, which determines the distance to an object using a laser pulse. With these devices Xingtu detects the road and performs the maneuvers in a hundred milliseconds. As for theautonomy, the company declares up to 300 km with a full load, moreover the battery it can be recharged in one hour and replaced in just six minutes.

Pininfarina he studied some lines elegant for the design of the Xingtu, paying particular attention to theaerodynamics, the result is a truck with futuristic shapes. The interior space is divided into several separate sections and is equipped with a voice assistant, a touchscreen system for the infotainment, comfortable seats and beds for the driver.

The Xingtu has completed the 20 million kilometers of test and it goes to add to gamma of autonomous cars produced by Baidu including cars, Apollo Go robotaxis and minibuses. The driving tests were completed in December 2021 and the vehicle will soon enter the validation phase. The company will continue to focus on research, development and production of intelligent trucks and will promote the commercialization of level four autonomous driving.

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