Decision to Leave: the film by Park Chan-Wook in the cinema also in the original language

The latest film by the acclaimed South Korean director Park Chan-wook, Decision to Leave, awarded for best director at the last Cannes Film Festival, is arriving in theaters from February 2 also in the original language.

Decision to Leavethe latest film by the acclaimed South Korean director Park Chanwookwill arrive in Italian cinemas from February 2 also in original language. Preceded in many cities by a review that traces his filmography and which is arousing the interest of many fans, here are the Italian cinemas where it will be possible to see the film in the original version with Italian subtitles.

The cinemas that will screen Decision to Leave in the original language with subtitles are: Greenwich, Nuovo Aquila and Quattro Fontane in Rome, the Nazionale in Turin, Anteo Palazzo del Cinema and Beltrade in Milan, the Visionario in Udine, Spazio Uno in Florence, Conca Verde of Bergamo, Rosebud of Reggio Emilia, Film Studio of Modena and the Jolly of Piacenza. The always updated list of rooms is available at the following link: originale-in-queste-sale.

Park Chan Week: the festival dedicated to the films of Korean director Park Chan-Wook arrives

Applauded at the Cannes Film Festival, where it was awarded for Best Director, Decision to Leave also received a nomination for Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes 2023.

As we read in our review of Decision to Leave, far from the tones of the revenge trilogy that made Park Chan-wook known to the whole world, the new film by the South Korean filmmaker is a thriller with a noir touch, which manages to combine the breath of great classics with the freshness of contemporary cinema: many have hailed it as a tribute to the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock. A detective story full of twists and turns that intertwines its threads with romantic melodrama, bringing to the big screen a mystery that is both sentimental and action-packed.

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