Decastelo in tears! He rode into René’s back

As soon as it became clear that Eva Decastelo (43) and her husband René (48) broke up after 13 years of marriage, the presenter and actress now have to face another blow to life. Divorce papers are not even on the table yet, and the screenwriter has already managed to ask his hand for his new partner, rugby player Eva Korniová (41)!

For this vacation René Decastel neither his current partner nor his still wife Eva will just forget. None of the above talks about a longer relationship that should affect the marriage, so no one was probably expecting an engagement.

Eva Decastelo: I have to help myself to look!

The report, of course, struck the presenter and actress. She could only say a few words. “I saw it. But I don’t have anything to say, you have to turn to René. ” revealed to the server. Although she should now form a new couple with the photographer Tomáš Třeštík (44), she did not expect a rapid turn of events on the part of her husband.

Shooting at the hospital in Třinec! A car drove into the crowd in Berlin! And Decastelo is divorcing

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