Deborah Secco comments on her marriage to Hugo Moura and motherhood: "The chaos that motivates me"

Deborah Secco told, in an interview with IS IT OVER THEREabout her marriage to Hugo Moura and commented on the real motherhood, since she is the mother of Mary flower6 years old.

The actress says that experiencing motherhood is having to deal with ups and downs: “It was the greatest gift of my life.”

“And I say without running away from real motherhood: the chaos of having a child, the chaos of taking care of a child, the chaos of not being able to do anything else. And it is precisely this chaos that motivates. Maria is my greatest love, is the one that teaches me the most”, he said.

Married since 2015 to Hugo, Deborah points out that she has become more empathetic with her past Deborah and claims to be a woman of “mistakes and concerns with other people’s expectations”.

“My marriage and motherhood brought me a more empathetic look at myself. Hugo and I have a marriage based on sincerity, friendship, companionship, honesty. We look at each other. It’s a very healthy marriage, which makes me empathize with Deborah from past,” he added.

The 42-year-old artist participated in the podcast PocCast with Lucas Guedez and was embarrassed when asked about enjoying dating married men when she was single.

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