Débora Falabella’s wedding has a different wedding dress and a non-traditional ceremony. Look!

Débora Falabella is a married woman! The actress celebrated the marriage with director and screenwriter Fernando Fraiha, with whom he has been dating for about 1 year. The wedding party completely deviated from traditional molds, starting with the place chosen by the bride and groom: Casa de Francisca, a cabaret theater located in the center of São Paulo.

Always so expected, the bride attracted all attention. But instead of a princess-style lace dress, as Dani Calabresa recently chose for her wedding, Debora Falabella opted for a white one-shoulder midi dress. And the details of the look, like gloves and a huge bow on the back, all in black. As well as the earrings and boots on her feet, which replaced the brides’ delicate shoes.

Débora Falabella sang at a wedding

One of the highlights of the celebration was when Débora and Fernando went up to the stage for a performance. And, together, with him dictating the rhythm on the guitar, they sang “Space Oddity”, by David Bowie, to the delight of the guests present.

Among them, many famous people, such as Adriana Esteves – with whom Débora Falabella shared the laurels of the great success of the soap opera “Avenida Brasil” -, Andreia Horta, Mariana Ximenes and Bianca Comparato.

The ex-wife of comedian Marco Gonçalves spoke about the celebration: “The wonderful wedding of a great friend where I danced so much that the sandal arrived without a sole. Débora, I love you, I love you. Fernando Fraiha, you guys shone! My cheek was hurting from so much laugh with happiness!!!”.

Actress and writer Martha Nowill defined Débora and Fernando’s wedding as “such an inspiring and beautiful theater / wedding / pocket show ceremony!”. And she thanked him: “Thank you for spreading the love like this.”

Tainá Muller, another famous guest, also spoke about the ceremony: “The coolest wedding I’ve ever been to. Seeing my friend getting married to a woman as incredible as Débora Falabella was emotional”.

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