Debate of the week: how far will the Red Devils get at the World Cup? (And this is your world champion!)

Also this week we like to debate and ask for your opinion. Because that counts! Also in the new football season that is about to start again.

Last week we asked about the possible world champion. Brazil was the favorite with the bookmakers, England, France, Spain and Argentina are also high and Belgium is an outsider.

According to you, Argentina was the big favorite beforehand, just ahead of Brazil. After match day 1, the opinions are probably completely different again.

Third on the list – a long way off – is Germany, but those too are already in pretty dirty papers.

The Belgians received 2% of the votes behind their name. So little confidence in the Red Devils, the match against Canada will not have helped either. But how far do you think they come?

We’d love to hear your opinion, so be sure to let us know!

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