Déb’acteur: become an MP for an evening at the Maison de la Conversation

By Graziella L. Photos by Graziella L. Posted Nov 23, 2022 5:24 PM

Take part in a fictitious assembly and become a deputy for a few hours, during a debate around e-sport and video games, at the Maison de la Conversation. Ready to debate on December 3, 2022?

You still don’t wanna go homeNational Assembly and you want to practice first? Or just discuss politely around a topic that interests you? So go to the Conversation Housethe December 3, 2022for an evening as if you were deputyaround the theme ofe-sports and video games ! Make way for the real democracy !

Even the most timid can participate in this immersive, life-size game! Indeed, thanks to the format put in place, each registered participant will be able to To ask questionsrelaunch the debate and take part in this democratic experience, thanks to a random distribution between the pros and cons. A good way also to learn how to respond and gain self-confidence.

Pedagogic, this evening aims to question our relationship to democracy in France and its current tools, around a topical subject, that of the supervision of video games and the management of e-sport. By putting oneself in the place of the deputies, it is thus easier to realize their daily responsibilities in the lives of the French people. The entrance fee can be freeto make this session as accessible as possible, but theAll proceeds will be donated to the Red Crossthen it is ideal for an action solidarity !

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