Death of Pelé, the demand of FIFA to the whole world

A few days ago, Pelé died of cancer. Enough to leave a big void in the hearts of football lovers.

Pelé will surely leave a big void in the hearts of football fans. The Brazilian passed away on December 29 at the age of 82. Since then, tributes have multiplied throughout the world and especially in Brazil. It must be said that Pelé is a precursor, author of the greatest technical gestures in the world and winner of three World Cups in his career. The former footballer will also have played a very big role in the development and image of Brazil. His disappearance marks the spirits and Gianni Infantino wants to take the opportunity to pay a special tribute to the King. Present in Brazil for the ceremonies in honor of Pelé on Monday, the FIFA President confessed that he wanted every country in the world to have a stadium in honor of Pelé.

Pelé, Gianni Infantino has an original idea

In comments reported by the Brazilian press, Infantino, who never lacks ideas, said: “We are going to ask all the countries in the world to rename one of their football stadiums with the name of Pelé”. Not sure that this idea is well received everywhere, countries having seen very little of the genius Pelé play on their soil. In Argentina for example, the rivalry with Diego Maradona could also prevent some from registering the name of Pelé during the inauguration or the new naming of a stadium. Note that in a country like France, Pelé will not have played very many games there. But one of them marked the spirits. It was in 1963 in Colombes. That year, the Seleçao had won against the Blues with a score of 3 goals to 2. Before knowing if FIFA will succeed in its desire for each country in the world to have its own stadium, Pelé, the former Santos is going to get the celebrations and tributes he deserves this week. A significant and moving moment for many football fans.

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